Composer or Emerging Emerger?

I am best known as a young emerging composer. Of course, being ‘best known’ for something doesn’t exactly mean much. Take the case of your mum, she could be an astronaut and to you she’d still be ‘best known’ for the annoying way she expects you to clean your room more than once in your lifetime.

What exactly I’m emerging from or into I’m not quite sure. I feel that being a composer is like being a bum. You either are actively bumming or you aren’t. The ’emerging’ title just tells you that you have yet to successfully stake out your own regular piece of a-grade street corner from which to run your not-for-profit business. So while I’m still canvasing the area for a nice park bench to call my own, I guess I shall have to embrace it. Who know, one day I might even make it. People far and wide might even know me as “that guy who lives in that park”.

How bright and promising the future looks with all those flickering street lights.

And this is that magical point in the analogy where I’m actually no longer sure whether I’m talking about composing or bumming. The subtle differences between such similar English words is terribly confusing.  Although, to be honest, while I said earlier I was an emerging composer, the real question here is, am I an emerger? Or am I an emerging emerger?

If you are at all curious what an emerging emerger might do musically, then you should consider checking out the following links:

And if you’d like to get in touch, just pop down to your local park bench and see if I’m in. If you can’t find me, then you can drop me an email via: healey dot cj at gmail dot com

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